Rental management

  • Top rental yields
  • Comprehensive management of your property
  • from 60 € a month (Tax included)
More than 200 properties under management in Brussels

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With fees starting at 60 EUR a month, GestiLoc offers
  • monitoring rental payments
  • monitoring lease contract deadlines
  • rent indexation
  • payment reminders
  • summaries of receipts and expenses
  • litigation management
  • monitoring contacts with notaries, lawyers and public authorities
  • management advice in optimising rental yields
  • advice on renovation work to boost a property's attractiveness
  • free estimate of renovation costs

Fees: 6 - 8% of the rent (without charges)

In addition, GestLoc offers

  • check-in / check-out reports at the start and end of a tenancy
  • coordination of building work, ensuring that work is carried out properly and on schedule.
GestiLoc manages more than 200 properties in Brussels


  • IPI-certified expert with more than 20 years of experience
  • IPI 500.824
  • Free initial valuation of your property

Selling - letting

Sell or let for the right price and in the shortest delay

GestiLoc provides the following services:

  • A free valuation of your property
  • Support in all phases of the transaction
  • Assistance in dealing with administrative matters
  • Check-in / check-out reports at the start and end of a tenancy